Actually, it is not for 1000 days. It is just that 3 years times 365 days plus June 27 through June 30, 2008 equals 1098 days, and that is way too cumbersome to convert into a blog headline. Futhermore, our release date will not be determined until May or June of 2011. Therefore, 1000 Days sounded just about right, more or less. Having noted all that, we are humbled and thrilled (Pres. Uchtdorf would refer to the feeling as "joyfully overwhelmed") about having this marvelous opportunity to serve in La Mision Mexico Veracruz.

Con amor,
Pdte. y Hna. Pete and JoElla Hansen

Monday, August 16, 2010

But, on the way out of La Venta we stopped to take a couple of last pictures. There are taxis in La Venta, just like every other burg in Mexico. But, there are also rickshaws, just like Thailand. . . I think. The closest we have been to Thailand is Yoshida brand marinade, which I think is some kind of Japanese teriyaki sauce.

This driver is taking a break in front of the La Venta pyramid. It is the most famous of the Olmeca sites. There were I don´t know how many tens of thousands of people living there, but the excavated area is over 500 acres.

Then, there was the Mormon truck. It is owned by the guy who runs the El Mormon convenience store. They don't sell beer and are closed on Sunday.

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