Actually, it is not for 1000 days. It is just that 3 years times 365 days plus June 27 through June 30, 2008 equals 1098 days, and that is way too cumbersome to convert into a blog headline. Futhermore, our release date will not be determined until May or June of 2011. Therefore, 1000 Days sounded just about right, more or less. Having noted all that, we are humbled and thrilled (Pres. Uchtdorf would refer to the feeling as "joyfully overwhelmed") about having this marvelous opportunity to serve in La Mision Mexico Veracruz.

Con amor,
Pdte. y Hna. Pete and JoElla Hansen

Saturday, March 12, 2011

We have talked about missonaries eating armadillo once in awhile. Actually, it is illegal to kill an armadillo so we have never tasted it. But, when we saw it on a menu in a restaurant, I was excited. The meat was shredded. It was smothered in a pasty, overpowering, and hot adobo salsa. When I could taste the meat, it was gamey. The light colored, shiny things in the meat turned out to be light colored, shiny and very hard. They were little, tiny bones. Basically, I think I will now be able to say I have eaten armadillo. That was the last time, I am pretty sure.

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Clay & Amy Hansen said...

Armadillo (pronounced tatoo in Portuguese) is also something that many locals ate in Brazil, although it was illegal to hunt it. I always wanted to try it, but never got the chance. It sounds like I didn't miss much.