Actually, it is not for 1000 days. It is just that 3 years times 365 days plus June 27 through June 30, 2008 equals 1098 days, and that is way too cumbersome to convert into a blog headline. Futhermore, our release date will not be determined until May or June of 2011. Therefore, 1000 Days sounded just about right, more or less. Having noted all that, we are humbled and thrilled (Pres. Uchtdorf would refer to the feeling as "joyfully overwhelmed") about having this marvelous opportunity to serve in La Mision Mexico Veracruz.

Con amor,
Pdte. y Hna. Pete and JoElla Hansen

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We see pictures and videos of missionary apartments in other parts of the world, especially the USA, and are amazed at how our missionaries live. The elders in Cerro de las Iguanas moved into their new digs. With the apartment they got all new furniture because the were re-opening an area and didn't inherit anyone else's old stuff. With that came two floor fans. The missionaries are to turn them on and point them at themselves to cool them down and to keep mosquitos off of them. These two elders used the fan boxes and a cloth-covered board to improvise an extra piece of furniture.

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Linda Doll said...

Yeah, we state-side missions are really spoiled without a doubt. But we're expecting SNOW this Sunday - does that make you feel any better?